Little boy reminds us how to walk into the weekend

Little boy reminds us how to walk into the weekend

When you've got the moves and your body won't let you deny it...

Girl wearing a dress dancing in her room
Girl wearing a dress dancing in her room/Pexels/@cottonbrostudio

What are weekends for if not to dance? 

A little boy who hit all the right moves and is positively infectious with his confidence caught us off-guard on social media this week. 

In a video, we saw him dancing in front of the mirror. The one thing that most motivational speakers will tell you to do. Well, they might not say dance, but they do encourage people to speak affirmative words to themselves while in front of the mirror. 

His cuteness was just what we needed to glide into the weekend with all the right moves. 

Did you ever notice how when a kid is around, you rarely ever have the time to feel down or droopy? 

This little boy is the life of his party and is reason enough to celebrate something this weekend.

Did you know that dancing has both physiological and psychological benefits?

"Dance provides benefits for participants that are both personal and independent. Dance participation also provides physical and mental wellbeing (Tao et al., 2021). Further benefits include defining and consolidating body image; illuminating the ego; providing relief of physical tension, anxiety, and aggression, while decreasing cognitive and kinesthetic confusion." (The National Library of Medicine in USA)

People like to feel good, no one willingly wants to vwallow, so, here's to us getting you out of your wallow. 

Watch the video of this little boy dance and get your body moving. Courtesy of TikTok

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