Mom cancels dinner because kids get emotional about the chicken

Mom cancels dinner because kids get emotional about the chicken

This is giving us kids at the height of being kids vibes...

Young boy with dreadlocks crying
Young boy with dreadlocks crying/TikTok Screenshot/@advsisanda

This was definitely not one of those cases where one might say, "Winner, winner, chicken dinner..."

For these kids, it was all about saving the chicken...

Which made mom's life just that much more challenging. 

The kids were not happy with the dinner plans and mom shared this with TikTok. 

In the video, we see two of her kids upset about dinner. When she tries to understand what is upsetting them, they reveal they are unhappy about eating the chicken. 

These boys didn't want the chicken to die for dinner. Mom went on to say in the post that it seemed like it was just going to be pap with soup for dinner and no meat.

Of course, when you watch the video in full you realise that they have a live chicken at their home and the kids thought that their mother was going to kill it for their dinner. 

Watch what happened below, courtesy of TikTok:

@advsisanda So we will eat pap with soup no meat because abantu base Europe bathi ngingawubulali ulamthuthu wami😭😭🐔#SAMA28 #viralvideo #viraltiktok #lovelife #rsa #blackboy #momlife #blackexcellence #african #africanparents ♬ original sound - Sisanda Nomusa Qwabe


We love how her elder son stood up for what he believed in and told her: "I thought you were nice to nature." 

As you can imagine, it was amusing for many people on TikTok. 

But this is real, a lot of kids are not happy eating meat because they are able to make the connection between life and death. As parents, we should be open to support them in the best way possible. 

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