Mom entrepreneur treats herself to an outing without the kids

Mom entrepreneur treats herself to an outing without the kids

This year, maybe you should prioritise self love...

Cocktail and half eaten pizza
Cocktail and half eaten pizza/Twitter/@Thush_Mcobothi

There are several things that happen in the new year. One of the most popular things is 'New Year Resolutions'. 

People always try to kick the new year off on a fresh note. Whether that is making a commitment to be more mindful, exercise more, eat better, be kinder, or be more present with family. 

Each person has a list of things they would like to achieve every new year. 

For this mother, it is about practicing self-love. 

Check out a pic she posted to her Twitter account below. 

Her post got a lot of attention from others, some praising her for taking time out for herself. 

While others found the post funny, sharing their own viewpoints of how they do the same. 

We loved how a community of parents came together to celebrate her post, instead of judging her actions. 


Far too often, we find parents being hard on each other. We are expected to put our kids first and then neglect ourselves. 

Sometimes to the point of no return. To the point where we suffer from both mental and physical exhaustion and cannot give our children what they actually need. 

In saying that, we think that this year should be a year of less mom and dad guilt, and one of self-love. 

Here's to great things this year, for both parents and their kids. 

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