Mom interviews her one-year-old, hilarity ensues

Mom interviews her one-year-old, hilarity ensues

This is precisely the video you want to watch if you are feeling down...

A mother and baby laughing
A mother and baby laughing/TikTok Screenshot/@nubiabrownn

A baby's laughter is one of the sweetest sounds you will ever hear, whether you are a parent or not. 

But somehow, when you hear your baby laughing, no matter what you are doing, something inside you instinctively joins in. 

A mother who decided to record an interview with her one-year-old was pleasantly surprised to hear her little one's responses. We were also pleasantly surprised. 

Watch closely how this bubbly one-year-old responds when mom asks him about a sibling. 

Video courtesy of TikTok


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People's responses to the video were just as hilarious. 

  • "Babies are literally the funniest people on earth"
  • "He said “I wanna be an only child!”
  • "Laughed at everything but the sibling questions"
  • "I used to laugh like that too before I started paying bills"
  • "His laugh is hilarious, but he got real serious with the siblings question. No joking about that"
  • "He's a politician... avoiding all the questions" 

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