Mom receives online hate for tattooing her young son

Mom receives online hate for tattooing her young son

Do you associate tattoos with being part of a gang?

Mother and child with tattoos
Mother and child with tattoos/Instagram Screenshot/@nuggetworld561

Parenting is not easy, there's no doubt about that, but the way we raise our children differs from parent to parent.

As we have said on many occasions, we cannot compare how one parent parents to another. 

So to see the backlash that this mother has received on social media for her actions has been quite disappointing. 

Shouldn't the main reason behind parenting be to make sure your child is happy and feels good about themselves? 

Well, that's what this mother has always wanted for her son. 

"Shameka, a tattoo enthusiast and fashion designer from Florida in the US, says she started covering her son, Treylin, with body art when he was just was six months old." (News24)

Her reasons are her reasons, and have in part to do with the fact that young Treylin was born premature. Each tattoo is representative of what he has overcome and the tattoos are temporary and can be easily removed with cold cream or baby oil. 

Her page for her son has over 55,000 followers on Instagram and she believes that the hate she has been receiving from social media is unwarranted. 

We have to agree. Her motivation behind putting tattoos on her son is her own. It doesn't translate into her being a bad mom. She has been receiving hate since before Treylin was born - it seems society isn't as forward thinking as we thought...

She has said that many people have said that she is raising her son as a "gangster" or "thug". So typical of society to assume that people with tattoos are bad people. 


"The proud mom says Trey loves his temporary body art. “When he sees himself dressed in the mirror, he be feeling himself, he be dancing. I really think he enjoys it,” she says." (News24)

Isn't that or shouldn't that be the main thing when it comes to parenting well? That your child is happy? 

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