Mom shares favourite way to help fix her kids’ coughs and sniffles

Mom shares favourite way to help fix her kids’ coughs and sniffles

It's an ongoing concern for parents who send their kids to school...

Woman and young girl smelling a bottle with essential oil
Woman and young girl smelling a bottle with essential oil/Pexels

With the kids going to school now and the change in weather, you're bound to have one or two of them coming down with a common cold or flu. 

When the runny noses and coughs take over, it can be anything but easy going. 

Most parents automatically go into stress mode. Obviously, seeing your kids feeling ill and under the weather causes you just as much discomfort as them. 

The most common indicators of a cold or flu is a runny nose, which usually moves into second gear with a cough. 

Which can become severe if not treated early enough. 

This mother, who encourages natural, healthy living, shared a great tip when it comes to those nasty sniffles. 

She shared a video of what she prepares each time they start coughing and their noses start running: 

  • "Dampen a washcloth with hot water, then place in a quart mason jar.
  • Add essential oils to the cloth, maximum of 3-5 drops.
  • While seated, have the child hold the mouth of the jar over his/her nose and mouth and have them breathe in deeply, and then exhale.
  • I usually have my kids do this for about 5 deep breaths and then let them take a break. You can heat up the cloth again by running it under hot water (no need to add more oils) and repeating this process. Sometimes I’ll have my kids just hold the jar in their laps while they watch a show, so they continue to get the benefits of the steam and oils in a less direct capacity." (Instagram)


"Some of the oils I like to use for this:

Lemon - dries up mucus and supports immune system
Ginger - dries up mucus and helps with lung support
Any of the Fir oils (siberian fir, douglas fir, black spruce) - opens airways, cleansing, purifying
Frankincense - respiratory support, opens airways
Cardamom - helps soothe the spasmodic response
Spearmint - gentle and refreshing. Just one drop is usually enough of this one.
Thyme - helps break up congestion and fights threats" (Instagram)

WATCH her prepare the steam jar below on Instagram:

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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