Mom shares how Grade 1 homework is no joke

Mom shares how Grade 1 homework is no joke

Mom shares how her son reacts to his homework. Let's just say he is not happy about it...

A young boy crying while leaning on the sofa
A young boy crying while leaning on the sofa/TikTok Screenshot/@leti_m2

Handling homework is something that not many parents enjoy doing. 

Having to refresh your memory or worse, learn everything from scratch so you can happily help your kids, feels like a full-time job. 

But we do it because we want to be good parents. Well, most of us do anyway. Some parents leave it in the trusty hands of tutors and others tell their kids to wing it. 

One mother decided to share the drama she experienced with her first grader and his homework.

It is safe to say that from the looks of it, this young boy was not happy to do his homework. 

The young boy is seen crying and throwing himself around the sofa, pencil in hand. We cannot say we blame him, transitioning from preschool to primary school takes time. 

The whole concept of change is difficult for most adults, so, can you imagine how it might be for kids?

Mom found the whole thing amusing and shared the short video of him in despair over his homework. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@leti_m2 guys grade 1 homework is no joke #boymom#grade1homework ♬ Originalton - ⚯͛

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