Mom shares Montessori toy ideas on a budget

Mom shares Montessori toy ideas on a budget

You had us at 'budget-friendly'...

A young boy plays with a handmade cardboard toy
A young boy plays with a handmade cardboard toy/TikTok Screenshot/@motherhoodandmontessori

We recently heard a board-certified Paediatrician say that it is not our responsibility to keep our kids entertained all day. 

But we have been caught by the bug, the bug that makes us feel like we are underperforming if we do not have activities planned out for our kids. 

Now, we get it, if your kid turns a certain age, you can let go, but in the beginning there is this silent but forceful expectation set for parents with toddlers. 

It's like your kids can't do this, but should be doing this at this age, so on and so forth. The pressure is real. 

Whether you are a working mother or not, you are pressured to have a play schedule that doubles up as a learning schedule. If you can afford it, there are amazing Montessori-styled toys for kids, that are said to help them with their fine motor skills, their sensory development, etc. 

But if you cannot, then are you essentially doing a disservice to your child? Not at all. We do the best we can with what we have. 

And one mother shared examples of that with a TikTok video. 

She shared a video with budget-friendly toys that you could make with things like cardboard and toilet paper rolls. 

These are alternatives to the somewhat pricey toys that help kids with their ability to learn through collaboration and enhance their problem-solving abilities. 

We have seen a few videos online these days that give moms (and dads) ideas on how to make learning fun for your little ones. It may take some time, but we think it is more engaging because you get to make it with them. 


WATCH her ideas in the TikTok video below:

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