Mom shows us the results of the 'CoComelon' generation

Mom shows us the results of the 'CoComelon' generation

Could it be that 'CoComelon' is deteriorating our culture?

CoComelon's Cody and his mother
CoComelon's Cody and his mother/Facebook/@CoComelon

We live with a generation of children who watch 'CoComelon' and live in a bubble of colour. 

They don't see things the way we see things. They are mesmerised by the kaleidoscopic hues that come with watching a kids' programme that teaches them things in a fun and playful way. 

We do not hate the franchise but it can be difficult to watch the effects that 'CoComelon' has on our kids. 

The effects of this American hit kids' show were evident when we saw a young South African girl using an American accent while talking to her mother. 

Of course, it is hilarious when you hear it but it is also concerning. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@chanelletayler Results of being a Cocomelon kid 😂 #girlmom #toddler #cocomelon #southafricatiktok ♬ original sound - Chanelle

Most kids don't have an accent as toddlers but they speak by association. 

This mom took this lighthearted video and shared it because it is humourous and one thing is for sure, she's not the only one experiencing it. 

Check out some of the comments on the video. 

  • "I need to start watching important stuff like cocomelon I need that ascent."
  • "mine speaks like bluey, I'm not sure if its Australian or British accent sisenkingeni" - the mom replied saying: "She loves Bluey too 😂❤️but the American accent dominates shame"
  • "Mine sounds like peppa pig"
  • "And they don’t eat sweets, they eat Candy"
  • "My daughter would tell me about dollars,miles and gas station."

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