Mom uses her baby to deter scam callers

Mom uses her baby to deter scam callers

Who knew baby assistants were this good?

Baby playing with the phone
Baby playing with the phone/Pexels

Somehow scammers always manage to one-up us when it comes to the next big scam. 

Whether that involves fake accounts, phishing sites, or phone calls from people saying that they have the best deal for you. 

A mother who obviously has had it with these scammers has shared a way of dealing with them. 

And it really did catch our eyes. 

In a video on the 'It's gone viral' page on TikTok, we see a mother holding her phone whilst her baby sits next to her. 

The lady on the other side of the phone asks for Morgan Goldie, and mum gives the phone to her baby, with the overlay text reading: "Phone scammer talking to my baby assistant."

WATCH what happens below, courtesy of TikTok

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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