Mom walks in to find baby boy dancing on the table

Mom walks in to find baby boy dancing on the table

There's nothing quite like watching babies dance...

A baby boy dancing on the coffee table
A baby boy dancing on the coffee table/TikTok Screenshot/@theeillom

When our babies start growing, we see a whole host of things that surprise us. 

Some might ask where they learned these things, immediately thinking that they saw someone doing it or watched it somewhere. 

They might be correct in thinking that, but sometimes we think they are born with their mannerisms and as they age, each one emerges. 

A mother who caught her baby boy dancing was quite amused by the little boy's moves. 

She walked into lounge and saw the baby boy standing on their coffee table dancing while he watched a cartoon. In his defence, the kids in the cartoon were also dancing, which probably encouraged him to. 

Despite all that, the little boy was absolutely adorable as he bounced up and down and discovered that he could shake his hips. 

Mom should definitely keep this video for the archives, one day when he is older we are certain he will find that amusing. 

Check the video on TikTok below. 

@theeillom idk but his dad says he isn’t african if he doesn’t know how to move his hips 😭😭😭 #foryou #graciescorner #dancing #nigerian #nigerianbaby🇳🇬🇵🇭 #babiesoftiktok ♬ original sound - Eillom


What was even cuter was the song, which said, "I know my ABC's..."

Mom said that she is not sure about it all, but according to the little boy's dad, he isn't African if he doesn't know how to move his hips. 

There you have it, the trick to finding out if you are truly African or not...

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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