Moms dial in on kid who dances in heels better than most women

Moms dial in on kid who dances in heels better than most women

This little boy has got moves and makes us want to dance into the weekend...

A little boy dancing with high heels
A little boy dancing with high heels/Instagram Screenshot/@mommyraisingkane

We think it is mandatory to have dance parties with the kids as often as possible. 

The most endearing part of watching your kids play by themselves is the fact that they are so natural in their demeanour. There's no facade, it's just plain innocence coupled with spunkiness. 

Our only job as parents (well, that's not our only job) is to make sure they don't lose those qualities as they grow. 

One little boy who was having fun like no one was watching was dancing in his mother's red high heels. 

And the thing is that it looked effortless. 

Watch the video on Instagram below. 

Many mothers, including the little boy's mom, shared that they don't dance well in heels.

Check out some of the comments below:

  • "I’m offended on how tf this kid can dance better in heels than me. REPORT"
  • "He can dance better in them than I can walk in them. Not fair."
  • "I would be sooo annoyed that he’s dancing better than I ever did in them"
  • "His moves are undeniable. That's talent"
  • "This is unacceptable, I refuse to be shown up by a child…. He offer lessons?"

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