A mother shares what she gets with R5,000 grocery budget

A mother shares what she gets with R5,000 grocery budget

If you're not already budgeting for your monthly expenses then you should start right away...

A table top of groceries
A table top of groceries/TikTok Screenshot/@secondtimemamma

We always keep our ears close to the ground when it comes to budgeting for groceries. 

It can be absolute mayhem for many families who have too much on their plates to stick to a proper budget. 

So, we found yet another mom who shared how she manages their monthly shopping budget of R5,000 for her family of four. 

Amber Mae Kelly, who goes as secondtimemamma on TikTok, shared what she got during her monthly shopping trip. 

She uses R5,000 a month for her family of four by doing her grocery shopping at Checkers, this comes to a total of R2,900, and then she spends R900 on her meat products from a butchery in Port Elizabeth called Tsitsikamma meat suppliers, and her frozen foods from a store called Iceland Foods. 

That leaves her with a total of R1,200 that she can use for her weekly top-ups. She uses Checkers Sixty60 for her weekly top-ups. 

Watch what she got for R2,900 from Checkers. Courtesy of TikTok

@secondtimemamma Monthly grocery shop: R2900 at @Checkers South Africa R900 at Iceland TOTAL: R3800 Leaving us with R1200 for weekly top-ups for fresh produce 🥛 🍏 🥕 You won’t see things like eggs, milk, cheese, toilet paper/cleaning products etc here because we still have from last month. I’m quite strict with our grocery budget and this works for us! 🙌🏻 #grocery #budget #grocerybudget #hack #mom #family #shopping #checkers #food ♬ You Know It's Not the Same as It Was - Martina

Here are some tips to follow when budgeting: 

  • Collect your receipts and before month end, list down all your expenses and how much you spend on groceries. 
  • Plan your meals so that you can properly identify what to buy.
  • Make time to look over your retailer special leaflets, there are many month end and mid-month specials that can help you save.
  • Keep a notepad on your fridge or somewhere in the kitchen, you can note down what you need.
  • Shop with a grocery list - and stick to it.
  • Withdraw the money for your monthly grocery shopping so, you stick to that and aren't tempted to spend more. 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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