Mother's brilliant instructions leave us proud

Mother's brilliant instructions leave us proud

A mother leaves very distinct instructions for her kid...

Two brothers vacuuming the floor of their room
Two brothers vacuuming the floor of their room/iStock/PIKSEL

It comes as no surprise to us that as parents we have to motivate our kids to complete chores around the house. 

There might be the rare occasion where a kid is self-motivated to pick up after themselves and if that's your kid, then well done to you and your parenting skills. 

For the majority though, it's not always clear cut. We guess this is the reason we loved this mother's approach to chores in the house. 

It is one of those situations where she says it all with a letter and that's enough to get the message out. 

In a video that was shared on Instagram, we see a typed-out letter posted to a door. The letter very clearly states the instructions that need to be followed for the kid to get the WIFI password. 

The mom sounds like a complete professional and even covers herself and asks the kid to include a prop so that she knows the work has been done and the kid doesn't reuse an old photo. 

Check out the letter below, courtesy of Instagram

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Image Courtesy of iStock/PIKSEL


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