New Cadbury chocolate offering has just 91 calories

New Cadbury chocolate offering has just 91 calories

But is it really better for you?

Stacked sliced chocolate bars
Stacked sliced chocolate bars/Pexels

The confectionary industry has tried to be more inclusive in the past, and we appreciate the effort. 

But when it comes to conscious and mindful eating, it is rare that someone who is following a clean and healthy lifestyle would willingly choose to try out a chocolate bar from a mainstream confectionary brand. 

Not because they are prejudice, but because we believe they have a different way of living. 

Therefore, Cadbury introducing a 91 calorie chocolate bar may not be the answer for mindful eaters. 

"The 91-calorie Delight range, which cost £1.25 for a box of five, are filled with nougat and caramel and coated in chocolate. They come in orange, hazelnut and salted caramel options, which Cadbury say will meet the growing demand for 'mindful self-treating'." (Daily Mail)

Doesn't quite sound like 91 calories, just the thought of consuming caramel makes us feel guilty. 


Just so you know, these were launched in Britain and are not available in South Africa. 

But, it's good to know, especially because this way you have enough time to decide whether you would try this out or not. 

The box of five retails in Britain for £1.25, which is around R27. Which is quite a deal, if you ask us. But perhaps that is linked to a marketing point-of-view. 

Where you purchase a box of five, which is how it is sold - and consequently end up eating all five. 

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