No loadshedding for hospitals and schools on the cards

No loadshedding for hospitals and schools on the cards

That's a good sign for the public sector...

Photo of empty class room
Photo of empty class room/Pexels

'According to a ruling by three judges from the court in Pretoria, Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan must “take all reasonable steps within 60 days” to prevent interruption of electricity supply for government hospitals and clinics, state schools and the country’s police buildings.' (Business Tech)

A ruling that some might say is welcomed. 

The effects of loadshedding definitely have a list of cons and those have a snowball effect on communities. 

The courts also added that for those areas that cannot be isolated from particular grids, alternative measures of energy supply needs to be arranged. 

That is the catch, we assume. 'But this comes after opposing parties, labour unions, and civil-society groups also included demands for exemptions for small businesses and agriculture and for electricity-tariff increases to be suspended.' (Business Tech)

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