Watch what this one-year-old does when she hears Tyla's 'Water'

Watch what this one-year-old does when she hears Tyla's 'Water'

Tyla has fans as young as one!

A baby girl dancing in a pink outfit
A baby girl dancing in a pink outfit/TikTok Screenshot/@sharnaynay26

As mothers, we are always going to feel some sort of way as we watch our babies grow. 

And sometimes that translates into us wanting to capture as many moments on video or through imagery as possible. 

One mother managed to capture a special moment of her one-year-old dancing. The little girl was all too happy to shake her body to Tyla's hit song, 'Water'. 

As we see South African artist Tyla make the headlines all around the world, we are humbled by her authenticity in remaining true to her roots. 

Young Tyla even made her US TV debut on the Jimmy Fallon show and we are beaming with pride. 

So, when we see this little girl recognise Tyla's song, Water, and start grooving to it, it really is a wonderful example of coming full circle. 

Watch mom capture her one-year-old dancing to 'Water' below, courtesy of TikTok

@sharnaynay26 @Tyla look what you doing to my 1 year old 😂🤣😅 This little girl does the most when she hears Water 💦 #SAMA28 #waterchallange #tylawater #trending #babytiktok ♬ original sound - SharNayNay26


Many people tagged Tyla to the post and commended this little cutie for entertaining them. 

We loved her energy and hope her mother saves this video and shows her when she is older, as it is definitely one for the archives. 

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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