The only way to walk down a runway is this...

The only way to walk down a runway is this...

These African models represent the real women of Africa. 

African women dance whilst walking the runway
African women dance whilst walking the runway/Instagram Screenshot/@afrikrea

Celebrating our beauty as women can be difficult when we are conditioned into believing the ideals of what it means to be beautiful. 

It is for this very reason that we enjoy watching women in fashion and the beauty industry break the walls of stereotypical beauty, creating a version of their own interpretation. 

A video that left us excited about the way we see beauty was shown at a fashion show. 

The video showed African women walking in beautifully-designed outfits on the runway at a fashion show. 

But it wasn't a conventional fashion show where models are serious and strutting their signature walks to show off their talents. 

This show was a vibe, with the models who were dancers smiling through their struts, showing off their dance skills, and a sneak peek into their personalities. 

It was a refreshing surprise and one that stood out for us. 

It made us want to see more because in a world where so many women feel unseen, unheard, or ostracised for being themselves, we should be learning from these kinds of creative, real, and personalised social representations. 

Watch their work below, courtesy of Instagram


From the stream of comments, it feels like we were not the only ones who enjoyed it or even resonated with it:

aquinoliz: "This video means a lot to us, woman because it's shows how we appreciate our body any size, woman are individual beauty itself and the uniqueness the way she carry herself the dress." 

love_live_nurture: "This is the most real fashion show I've ever seen 😍 Clothes that are actually meant to be worn, barefoot, having fun dancing 😍" 

jifinjose4444: "Now this is a fashion show I would love to watch all day. Adding culture to fashion show instead of wearing cardboard boxes and other crap as clothing items" 

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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