Pets at home: Guidance from a vet

Pets at home: Guidance from a vet

If you're a pet-loving person, this one's for you! Our expert veterinarian, Dr Motheo Masiya, talks about the most important aspects when getting a new pet - for example, the vital health checks, vaccinations, deworming, pet insurance, and considering the size of the pet (especially with kids at home). 

Baby Brunch Pets

Parents of fur babies, or parents-to-be - in this podcast we'll help you to choose the right pet for your home. 

Whether it's a new puppy, kitten, bunny, hamster, or exotic animal - we all want to enjoy the love from our pets - in this podcast, Dr. Motheo brings our attention to some of the most common diseases with popular pets, and helps us to better prepare, before getting a new pet.

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