Mid-month tips: Repurposing leftover rice to save money

Mid-month tips: Repurposing leftover rice to save money

This is really clever and something you should try...

Rice wrap and mini pizzas
Rice wrap and mini pizzas/TikTok Screenshot/@tjrudolph00

After speaking to Tammy Rudolph about her amazing tips and hacks on saving, we realised that there is so much we can do to save money. 

One thing that Tammy touched on recently is a big problem for many households the world over. 

Food wastage.

Even though there are many poverty-stricken people in our country and around the world, food outlets and grocery stores still deal with food wastage. 

Basically, there are many people who have leftovers in their fridge that go to waste and ultimately these can be repurposed into another meal. 

How many of us always have leftover rice that doesn't last? Now, to be fair, sometimes it doesn't last because of loadshedding, but let's choose to not use that as an excuse. 

Tammy Rudolph shared the perfect solution for repurposing leftover rice and we think this is by far a simple and under utilised hack/tip.

Rudolph repurposed her leftover rice by making mini pizzas and a rice wrap. 

You wouldn't even say that the wrap or the pizzas were made out of rice, but it was amazing to see how she could take a staple and reinvent it into something more appetising. 

Watch how she does it below, courtesy of TikTok

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