SEE: Snouted Cobra curled up on a truck battery in KZN...

SEE: Snouted Cobra curled up on a truck battery in KZN...

Literally gives us the heebie jeebies...

Snouted Cobra coiled inside a truck
Snouted Cobra coiled inside a truck/Facebook/@NickEvansKZN

As much as we are not fans of the slithery snakes of Durban, it is certainly entertaining to hear the stories from Nick Evans - the snake rescuer.

Recently, he received a phone call from a transport company in Shallcross, located to the south of Durban. 

The mechanic opened up a truck to start with a service but got a shocking surprise.

It was, in fact, a large snake, coiled up on top of the battery cover. Obviously, the service came to an abrupt halt...

Nick shared that he was told there "was a large, brown and yellow snake, in a truck from near Richard's Bay, my first thought was that it was a Forest Cobra, maybe even a python. I was desperately hoping for a Forest Cobra. We don't see them in Durban, but they're my favorite cobra species." (Facebook)

Just the mere fact that he had hopes and expectations of seeing his favourite snake, makes our skin crawl...

Nevertheless, it wasn't what he had hoped for, but what the found was a snouted Cobra!


Cobra on green grass
Cobra on green grass

Image Courtesy of Facebook

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