SA woman signed up to Tinder for free lunches but instead found her true love

SA woman signed up to Tinder for free lunches but instead found her true love

What started off as just a date turned into a fast love story - and they now have a two-year-old baby girl.

Couple on honeymoon
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As we take the time to be thankful this Tuesday, we wanted to share a positive, feel-good story. 

When KZN-born Londi first moved to Cape Town in 2017, she didn't know that her life would change forever. She wasn't someone who believed in love at first sight, but life had something else planned for her. 

The Phlebotomist learnt about Tinder from a friend and decided to sign up on the online dating app. She admitted that she wasn't serious about finding love on the site and just wanted to have some fun. 

Instead, she used the app to find free lunch dates. Londi was surprised then when one day a guy, Masi, made his way into her heart. 

Masi had called her up and ordered her an Uber to his home after she had a night out with some friends. She was under the influence and so he used this opportunity to make sure she was safe. 

She says that she was not sure what she was thinking, considering that they hadn't met before, but she just went with her gut. 

That night, they chatted and connected in a way that she only saw in movies. This was the night that she started to believe in love at first sight. They romantically made a pact to delete Tinder that night and it was the start of their love story. 

Londi and Masi have been together ever since. This November will be five years since they first started dating and since then their love story also features a beautiful bouncy baby girl, who is now two. 

When we asked her about marriage, she responded by saying that as much as Masi has approached her family about marriage and talks about Lobola will commence at the end of this year, he has yet to officially pop the question. 

One of the things that stood out for us was the fact that they both kept the manner in which they met secret for a long time. Londi said that it's still quite taboo to have found love through online dating in the black community. 

But after some time, they realised that they are lucky to have found love, and the means to their love story is just that, a means. 

She believes that as much as Tinder has some negative connotations, it was the medium that allowed her to meet her knight in shining armour. Londi firmly believes that everything happens for a reason. 

The cutest part of their story is that he still denies telling her he loves her after that night they met up. But she says that she has it on record. 

After some time, she moved back to Durban, and he eventually followed her home. They are now preparing for their big day and have entered a competition to have their wedding sponsored. You can find out more about how to vote for them here. 

Couple seated next to each other smiling
Couple seated next to each other smiling

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