'The Simpsons' to feature deaf actor for first time in 33-year history

'The Simpsons' to feature deaf actor for first time in 33-year history

Inclusion in the world of pop culture...

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As parents, it can be tricky explaining 'new' ideologies to your children. But nothing worth anything comes easy...

So to hear that a popular show such as 'The Simpsons' will be including a deaf actor on the show for the first time in their 33-year history, is inspiring and shows evolution. 

Despite the fact that the characters on the show only have four fingers, the producers of the show consulted with two American sign language specialists. They were there to ensure that "despite the characters' missing fingers, the meaning of the words was conveyed correctly." (CNN)

The story line was inspired by one of the show's main writers, Loni Steele Sosthand, whose brother was born deaf. 

The inclusion of this character was very personal to her as her family loves jazz music and this ties in with the episode, where Lisa Simpson's favourite musician (who is late), has a son who is deaf and needs a cochlear transplant. 

Sosthand shared with CNN how having a deaf brother shaped her as a person...

"Having a brother, who is just a year older, who was born deaf, really shaped who I am as a person. So it is a story not just close to my heart, but to my identity," she said. 


In a time where the world is progressing at the touch of a button in most aspects of life, we are excited to hear that parents to deaf children can share in the world of pop culture and feel included. 

Because isn't that what life is about, experiencing things together? Finding the commonalities amongst our diverse communities and sharing in the normalcy of being human...

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