Smile if you want to get groceries... or no entry for you and yours

Smile if you want to get groceries... or no entry for you and yours

Now that's what we call a 'top of the day to you' approach...

People smiling at a monitor
People smiling at a monitor/Instagram Screenshot/@chakrashighpower

Can you honestly say that you remember to smile throughout your day? 

It's not something many people do consciously and that is why we love what this grocery store in Denmark is doing. 

We wonder no more as to why Denmark was named the second happiest country in the world recently. 

This is why...

A Denmark supermarket has a monitor at the entrance to the store. If the doors don't open, it's because you have not smiled, as this seems to be the currency to enter. 

Watching the video just gets us in a good mood. It's the type of thing that we need more of in the world...

WATCH the video footage of people trying to enter the store below. Courtesy of Instagram


It would be interesting to find out if this is an actual smile-o-meter or if there is someone physically monitoring the doors, checking that the customers smile so they may enter. 

This reminded us of having secret passwords or handshakes with friends and cousins as kids. The only difference is that this is no secret and is quite contagious. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram

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