Snake glides through the water toward family on vacation

Snake glides through the water toward family on vacation

There's this innate instinct to run when someone says, 'Stay still!'

A snake gliding through the water
A snake gliding through the water/TikTok Screenshot/@kimmiestardreams

We are currently sharing quality time with the kids during their school break. 

And, as always, the weather always manages to surprise us with a mix of hot and humid days and rainy days. So, naturally spending time in the water is a fun pastime. 

However, this family, who were enjoying some time on the creek somewhere in the USA, were stunned by an uninvited guest. 

As they were enjoying the water on the creek and the beauty of nature, one of the family members who was videoing it all noticed something in the water. 

A water snake swims rapidly in their direction and the person videoing says, "Stay still". 

Of course, when you hear that there is some alarm that goes off in your mind and even though you are told to stay still, you want to run. 

Watch how fast the snake made its way to them. 

Courtesy of TikTok


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Luckily, the snake swam away and the family were okay. 

But in these sorts of circumstances, it is important to remember that snakes and other animals are just acting within their instincts. 

So, it is better to stay away and not cause them more anxiety. 

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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