Teen lifeguard helps deliver baby on the side of a pool deck

Teen lifeguard helps deliver baby on the side of a pool deck

Natalie Lucas, a teen lifeguard, helped a woman give birth on the side of the pool.


Being a lifeguard is anything but an easy job to do. It requires you to be prepared for anything and in this case it was being prepared to help birth a baby.

Natalie Lucas is an 18-year-old lifeguard at the YMCA pool in Northern Colorado. 

And whilst she was watching over the swimmers one Sunday morning, she noticed one of them going into labour.

Now, if you didn't already know, lifeguards are not really equipped in delivering a baby. So it came as a huge shock to Natalie, who was pushed into this position and had to act in a matter of minutes. 

Childbirth is anything but calm and soothing, it comes with pain and a fair share of discomfort. But this mother-to-be didn't realize how comforting the water would be for her aching body.

"Tessa Rider and Matthew Jones had come to the pool so Rider, nine-months pregnant, could get some relief from intense pain in her hip caused by the baby's position. Floating in water eased her discomfort, and she eased herself into the YMCA pool, holding onto a pool noodle and began bobbing along." (Inside Edition)

Luckily mom and dad-to-be knew what needed to be done so Natalie could be instructed on how to assist. 

The paramedics arrived in time to cut the umbilical chord and to ensure everything was good. Both baby and mama are doing well.

But this is certainly one of those miracle births that parents live to tell their kids.

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