These dogs were taught how to drive a car in NZ

These dogs were taught how to drive a car in NZ

Oh, what a world! 

A dog steering a motorised wooden car
A dog steering a motorised wooden car/YouTube Screenshot/@WonderWorld

We always knew that our canine friends were talented, but this story from over a decade ago is just the cherry on top for us. 

An organisation in New Zealand chose two dogs from the SPCA and taught them how to drive. 

Porter, an Old Bearded Cross, and Monty, a Giant Schnauzer Cross, were saved by the SPCA in Auckland, New Zealand. The two were chosen to be a part of the Canine Driving Academy. 

"The dogs were chosen from the shelter and then taught how to drive, to show the public, how intelligent and capable shelter dogs are, and above all, deserving of a loving and nurturing home." (YouTube)

Porter and Monty trained for eight weeks before going for their driver's tests, which was broadcast on live television. 

SPCA Auckland chief executive Christine Kalin said: "I think sometimes people think because they’re getting an animal that’s been abandoned, that somehow it’s a second-class animal. Which is not the case.”

"Ultimately the aim with the driving dogs demonstration, is that get people talking about the dogs and hopefully making an SPCA rescue dog their top choice, for people thinking of adopting a pet.” (YouTube)

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Watch the footage below of the two dogs driving in a controlled setting. 

Courtesy of YouTube


We love that our furry friends were up for the challenge, but it also saddens us that rescued dogs have to learn a skill that most adults haven't mastered just to be considered for adoption. 

It certainly is an innovative idea and one that not all people would've thought of. 

Even though the mindset behind this idea was also for dogs to be able to respond to emergencies if their owners required that from them, we're not sure how that would work, considering the cars Porter and Monty drove were specifically created for them. 

Oh well, it is definitely a great achievement for our canine buddies. 

Image Courtesy of YouTube

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