Things that children need to hear more often

Things that children need to hear more often

Children need to hear more things that build them up...

A man in green shirt playing with his daughter
A man in green shirt playing with his daughter/Pexels

There are many things that we question as parents. Most of the time these things range from our parenting techniques and how this will impact our children as they grow. 

But the thing is that we can always learn. If you think that you know everything as a parent, then we are sorry to burst your bubble. 

No parent can say they have it all together. Just as children learn about new things every day, so do parents. As soon as we learn that it's a constant learning experience, the better it is going to be for all of us. 

Here are some great things that we can say to our kids more often. Not only will these build them up, it will nourish them from the inside out. 

1. You are so easy to love. 

2. I love who you are, and who you are becoming. 

3. I always have space for your emotions. 

4. I made a mistake, I am sorry.

Can we just say that a lot of parents don't think that they are the ones who have to apologise to their kids, but that is far from the truth. We are not above our kids. Yes, we are their parents, but we are not always right. 

5. You and I, we are such a good team. 


6. I love spending time with you. 

7. It's okay if we don't agree. I always want you to be honest with me. 

8. Even though we may get upset, we still love you. 

The thing about learning as a parent is that it models learning in our kids. Ultimately, what we should persevere toward is empowering our children to be better humans. 

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