Toddlers that surprised us on TikTok this week

Toddlers that surprised us on TikTok this week

There's nothing like watching cute toddler videos on TikTok to brighten up your week...

Babies of TikTok and their parents
Babies of TikTok and their parents/TikTok Screenshots/@cristalallure/@nomnombel/@@kearnsm

If there is one thing that we can never get tired of, it's cute toddler moments. Some have their cat videos, but this is our weakness. 

We know that our kids are the ones that always keep us going, even through the most challenging of days. 

Yes, sometimes they contribute to the challenges, but their hearts are always in the right place. 

Which is why we wanted to share some cuteness with you.

This video is of a cute little girl who shocks her mother as she knows the lyrics to the Mavokali's song, 'Commando'. 

WATCH them below, she is just too adorable. Courtesy of TikTok. 

@kearnsm Replying to @LiSa ♬ original sound - Maahirah kearns

In this video, mum was shocked to see that her little boy, who had been hitting his sister the entire morning, changed direction and was kind to her. 

Check out this little trickster below, courtesy of TikTok

@cristalallure I think my boy just talked back to me and put me on check 🤨 😅 #momsoftiktok #toddlersoftiktok #boymom #relatable #momlife ♬ original sound - cristalallure


This one is by far the cutest for us. Little Bel at six months old chomps away at her food, but realises quickly that she only has one mouth and cannot fit everything in at once. 

When mum giggles in adornment, she cries. We've all been there...

Courtesy of TikTok

@nomnombel Bel at 6 month. She learned she only has one month and I learned you can’t laugh at her while eating😂 #blw #funnybaby #cryingbaby ♬ original sound - Nomnom Bel

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