A 'tuna-cious' try at Grandma's recipe goes 'jelly'...

A 'tuna-cious' try at Grandma's recipe goes 'jelly'...

When you hear ingredients like Tuna and Jelly, you should stop right there, do not pass begin or collect your R200, just keep moving...

A man wearing an apron about to cook something in the kitchen
A man wearing an apron about to cook something in the kitchen/Instagram Screenshot/@eyespyantiques

A recipe that contains jelly and tuna should be classified as a criminal offence. 

An antiques salesperson has shared the most entertaining video on his social media and it all has to do with his grandmother's recipe book. 

He refers to her recipes as 'vintage' and openly reveals that they are horrible. We're not quite sure if he is having a laugh over her recipes and purposefully pairing ingredients that aren't known to pair well?

Watch the video below, courtesy of Instagram.

Be warned, these ingredients generally don't go together so if you are willing to try this at home, you're on your own. 

Also, in case you were wondering, this recipe was called, Tuna Fish Jello Lamb Salad. 

What was delightful to see were the comments on the post. People took their shot and tried to add to the story behind the recipe. 

Check out some of the comments:

  • "Your grandma has been waiting 84 years for this joke to come full circle."
  • "Jenny and your grandma were passive aggressive arch-enemies. Jenny gave Nana the worst recipe she could come up with and chuckled every evening imagining Nana’s first bite. It’s the only explanation."
  • "My mom used to use a salmon mold for this and use a sliced olive for the eye. She took it everywhere when I was a kid, but we never had it at home. I thought it must be really special. Then I made it for a get-together as an adult. It's disgusting and even the cat wouldn't eat it! What were they thinking?!?"
  • "Maybe this salad worked back then because everyone chain smoked and couldn’t really taste what they were eating?"
  • "I think Jenny was confused. This might have been her grocery list."

Just for fun, check out another one of his grandmother's recipes below, courtesy of Instagram

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