Twelve-year-old graduates with five degrees

Twelve-year-old graduates with five degrees

Proof that child prodigies do exist and this one was said to be bored by Grade 2. 

Young boy wearing a graduation gown
Young boy wearing a graduation gown/Facebook/@phithetakappa

It feels like more and more child prodigies are popping up as the years pass, but we never get tired of hearing these positive stories. 

Clovis Hung, a 12-year-old from the US, graduated with five degrees from Fullerton College. 

"To put this tremendous achievement into perspective, at just 12, if he had taken the conventional route, he would still be in Grade 7 or 8." (MSN)

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When he was in Grade 2, he was bored and searched for something more challenging. 

Of course, like any parent, his mom was nervous about taking him out of school, but decided to homeschool him in 2019. 

After just a year at this, he excelled considerably, which encouraged his parents to enrol him into university. 

‘’My husband and two daughters said I was crazy. But I trust my instinct. I know he is a very unique child because he’s very curious and intelligent,’’ his mother was quoted as saying." (MSN)


Hung is expected to graduate with the class of 2023 and he will be the youngest graduate at the institution in its 108-year history. 

He will be receiving an associate of arts degree in history, social sciences, social behaviour and self-development, arts, and human expression, along with science and maths.

‘’My favourite subject is history because I love travelling. I have been to 23 countries, and my favourite is Egypt because I could see the Great Pyramid of Giza and climb in ... I feel really proud of myself for all three years of hard work,’’ he told the “LA Times”. (MSN)

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