VIDEO: A cinematic glimpse into the splendour of the Cape Flats

VIDEO: A cinematic glimpse into the splendour of the Cape Flats

Not one second passes Lindsey Appolis by unnoticed - watch his cinematic take on life below.

Lindsey Appolis
Beautiful News / Supplied.

He sees the everyday beauty that’s often clouded by perceptions and preconceived notions.

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Camera in hand, he’s exposing the splendour around him – particularly of the Cape Flats. “My photographic style is cinematic,” Appolis says. “I’m giving you a glimpse into my memories and how things look to me.” Having grown up here, Appolis is resolute to show his community in a new light. 

With his eye for sensory experiences, Appolis has photographed everything from dancers soaring in the air, to the deserted streets of Cape Town mornings. “The minute I’m shooting something, I just feel so alive,” he says. “I put the camera on and my brain switches on.” Appolis’ creativity is sparked by his hometown and his distinct memories of childhood. Challenging beliefs that the area is impoverished and violent, Appolis captures the innate joy and goodness in each neighbourhood. “When I photograph the space I grew up in or the people I know, it’s not to say this is what poor looks like,” he says. “It’s to show that the people there are beautiful.” 

 Appolis hopes to prove to children from the Cape Flats that they have the power to tell their own stories. “There are maybe a thousand of me that’s undiscovered or hasn’t been given the opportunity to nurture this talent,” he says. “If I can do anything it’s to bring kids up from there and say, ‘You actually can do this.’” Every second counts. These unique moments in our lives make us who we are. Appolis is ensuring we never forget.


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