WATCH: Adorable video of a young girl learning Afrikaans

WATCH: Adorable video of a young girl learning Afrikaans

A young girl was filmed taking an Afrikaans lesson and the internet is loving it, especially the bits where she tries the 'R'.

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Learning a new language can be difficult, but it's worthwhile. We all get excited when someone speaks our language, especially when the person took their time to learn it.

A video posted by Claire Whyte on Facebook shows a young girl learning to pronounce Afrikaans words has the internet in stitches... and we can all relate. In the video, the little one struggles with words that contain the letter 'R' the most. The girl's dad tried his best and we think if he keeps at it, she will get better. 

I've had my own laughs in the "Afrikaans class" this week with my toddler. She is in an Afrikaans school and translating English into Afrikaans has brought on the cutest challenges!

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This week "sokkies" became "shokkies", "sappies" (Juice) is considered a "bad word" because of the way it sounds, and "Olifant" is said with an extra "oooooooo" to emphasise its size.

Watch the video below:

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