WATCH: Courageous Parenting with Bailey Schneider

WATCH: Courageous Parenting with Bailey Schneider

Remember the plans We had before this pandemic?   Most of it seems so far away now.  Lockdown arrived and changed everything – B U T what if we didn’t change our plans? 

Courageous Parenting with Bailey Schneider

What if We could still make those dreams happen?

Bailey is one of the most C o u r a g e o u s Moms that I know.   Watch our interview with Bailey Schneider and discover how she has made a life for her family full of WONDER – and how you can, too!

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Moving isn’t the only way to avoid the rut and routine of pandemic living. There are lessons that all parents can take away from Bailey’s courageous decision to shake things up for her family. Don’t miss this one!

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