WATCH: Happy Father's Day from the girl dads

WATCH: Happy Father's Day from the girl dads

Girl dads are the most entertaining of them all...

Father dancing with his daughters
Father dancing with his daughters/TikTok Screenshot/@durbanofamily

Fathers have all our attention this month. 

Of course, the fathers that make us most proud are the ones willing to get uncomfortable and find their own when it comes to being there for their kids. 

And as much as fathers to boys are great, there's no denying that girl dads have a special bond with their daughters.  

Rob D'Urbano, who describes himself as a girl dad x 3, shared a video of playtime with his daughters. 

He lip-synced to Sean Paul and got them to be extras. 

The fact that he did something so simple, yet so wholesome for his girls, reminded us that this is what matters most. 

With the hustle and bustle of life, we can easily forget what truly matters. Being a parent is an extremely special experience, and making sure we make time for it is important. 

Because when you look at it, all our kids truly want is to spend time with us. 

How often have you heard your child say, "Look at this" or "Play with me", and your response was, "I'm a bit busy now, maybe later"? The thing is we are not promised later, we are only promised now. 


Make it count like this dad...Happy Father's Day to our loving dads. 

Courtesy of TikTok

@durbanofamily Just another day hanging with my girls 😍 #girldad #allmygirls #seanpaul #havingfun ♬ original sound - Billy

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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