WATCH: How to make an inexpensive homemade ginger shot

WATCH: How to make an inexpensive homemade ginger shot

Now this is what we call easy DIY...

Ginger wellness shots
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The change of weather can cause everyone to feel a bit flu-y, and when you have kids, it's certainly not something you welcome. 

Therefore, eating a well-balanced diet filled with lots of fruit and vegetables can help your immunity stay strong against the plethora of factors working against you. 

This is why we really loved finding this DIY job on how to make your own ginger immunity shots. 

If you have ever tried these shots, which have become even more popular over the last two years, you will know that they are quite pricey. 

And understandably so, they use fresh ingredients and they certainly help build up your immune system. So we get it, but it doesn't mean we enjoy forking out more money for them. 

So the author and chef of a plant-based lifestyle, Carleigh, shares a wonderful and easy recipe on how to make your own ginger shots. 

The ingredients are things you generally have at home and include fresh ginger, oranges, turmeric, black pepper, and lime juice.

The storage may be the only challenge, but you can get these small sized drinking bottles from your local plastic shop, or better yet you can repurpose old shot bottles you have. 

Alternatively, you can always make this fresh and just have it in a glass you have at home. 


WATCH her make it below, courtesy of TikTok

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