UPDATE: JHB homeless graduate receives opportunity to complete Master's Degree

UPDATE: JHB homeless graduate receives opportunity to complete Master's Degree

All it takes is a calm mind and perseverance to get the life you want...

Gibson and Dantyi
Gibson and Dantyi/YouTube Screenshot/@EyewitnessNews

There's nothing better than hearing a real-life miracle - especially when that miracle is about a truly deserving person. 

We shared Gibson Nzimande's story last week and since then, there has been an abundance of donations pouring in for him. 

He is the epitome of hope and how things can go wrong in life, but that doesn't mean you give up. A hope that didn't go unnoticed. 

"Nzimande, an honours graduate, said that he has been given an opportunity to complete his master's, which he had to place on hold when he lost his home." (MSN)

After the team at Eyewitness News covered his story, Nzimande's old lecturer tracked him down and offered him a safe place to stay, a warm meal, and some clean clothes. 

Since then, he has been staying at the University of Johannesburg's post-graduate residence, is currently being re-enrolled to complete his Master's degree in History, and has received over R200,000 in donations. 

WATCH the recent interview the team at Eyewitness News conducted with Gibson. 

Courtesy of YouTube


Certainly a story that leaves you inspired and thankful. We love his words of wisdom. As much as it can be difficult to see the silver lining at times, it is all about perseverance and staying calm throughout your days. 

And we are thankful for people like Dantyi, a young woman who took the time to listen to a stranger's story. 

Image Courtesy of YouTube

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