WATCH: This kid teaches us how to approach each day

WATCH: This kid teaches us how to approach each day

Are you happy, too?

Little kid with a spoon talking
Little kid with a spoon talking/Instagram Screenshot/@gmabrightly

This is the kind of thing that we believe everyone needs a little bit of at the start of the week. 

And what better way to remind us of the innocence and purity that children display than with a video of a child sharing his happiness?

He is a bit of a performer and, truthfully, we love it...

The video starts with him sharing how precious he is and how happy he is...

Now it may sound corny and cheesy, but the truth is that we forget how in control we are of our own happiness. 

Sometimes we let outside circumstances rule our days, instead of holding onto our power of owning our strengths and staying positive...

So without further ado, let us introduce you to the power force for your Monday...

And in case you were wondering, yes, having a kid is very much like this. A whirlwind of emotion, but not everyday kind of emotion. 

More like explosive, rollercoaster ride kind of emotion... so let's appreciate days such as these.


WATCH the video below, courtesy of Instagram

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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