WATCH: Mom shares a message to neighbours for the long weekend...

WATCH: Mom shares a message to neighbours for the long weekend.

When you're a parent, you know...

Kid splashing in a puddle of water
Kid splashing in a puddle of water/Unsplash Website

A video showing a mother opening up her home gate to formally apologise to her neighbours in advance has been received humorously. 

As parents, we completely understand that each parent parents differently. 

And that's their right. But we love how some parents take things into their own hands and create content that makes other parents feel less bad for all the supposedly 'bad' habits we pick up as parents. 

It's not anyone's fault; it's something we are socialised into and picked up from the previous generation. 

We have to unlearn the habits and create a way of communicating better with our kids. 

On that note, this woman shared a video of her publicly apologising to her neighbourhood, and we thought it fitted for the  long weekend.

The apology was for all the potential screaming that may happen during the day as the kids are now at home.


What got us sighing with relief was the comment section. When other parents jumped on to say that they thought only them had this issue.

Ironically it made other parents feel less harmful.

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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Image Courtesy of Unsplash Website

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