WATCH: Musical mash-up of a Scottish and Indian wedding

WATCH: Musical mash-up of a Scottish and Indian wedding

As we celebrate our diverse heritage we notice that there is always a first with everything when it comes to the subject. A Scottish and Indian couple get married and it turns into a musical mash-up.

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Heritage can mean something different to everyone but somehow connects us on a similar level. 

And over the years, music has been a great medium that represents the variations of heritage. It is both a connecting factor that also brings about joy and entertainment. 

One of the best ways to see the results of this connecting factor is during a fusion wedding. 

And in this case it was a wedding ceremony between an Indian bride and Scottish groom. 

The mix between the beats of the Dholak and the Scottish pipes was not only a great musical mash-up, but also a wonderful representation of both their cultures. 

We often find that interracial couples do this best. They are able to find a common ground, a place they create where they fuse and merge their traditions. 

Watch their beautiful entrance to their wedding, courtesy of Instagram

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Image Credit:  Instagram


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