WATCH: One of the coolest ways of pumping yourself up during the Commonwealth Games

WATCH: One of the coolest ways of pumping yourself up during the Commonwealth Games

Now this is what we call pumping yourself up for the game...

Netball game for the Commonwealth games
Netball game for the Commonwealth games/Twitter/@Armadillo8000

It's not every day that we see people using Lizzo's lyrics to literally pump themselves up...

The popular song, 'About Damn Time', by Lizzo has been widely used over various social media platforms, and we have to agree that it is quite catchy.

So when we caught a glimpse of one of the English netball team players mouthing the words during a game, we got more than just a little excited. 

The Commonwealth Games 2022 is well underway and, of course, when we get a chance to celebrate women in all sectors of life, we grab onto it. 

In this instance it was one of the female players from the England netball team who was caught singing the chorus of 'About Damn Time'. 

The video was posted on the Commonwealth Games TikTok page and was a sure fire indicator of what type of athletes were featuring at this year's games. 

If you think that these athletes walk around feeling at their best or confident all the time, think again.

They too need to pump themselves up and find the courage to make the next move - and with the competition always on point, it becomes more and more challenging for all athletes. 


But, if anything, we can learn a lot from Lizzo, her confidence and the actual lyrics of the song remind us that even celebrities need some motivation at times...

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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Image Courtesy of Twitter

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