WATCH: Mom notices man following them while shopping

WATCH: Mom notices man following them while shopping

A mother shares her experience whilst shopping with her daughter while a man was following them. She believed him to be a possible trafficker who was after her daughter.

People inside a shopping mall
People inside a shopping mall/Pexels Website

There comes a time when you have to be prepared for anything when it comes to your children's safety. 

It is sad but a reality that we cannot take for granted. And therefore we have to be realistic about how we approach being in public spaces and also be open and honest with our kids. 

To some it be harsh but which would you rather be, a parent who prepares their kids for anything  or a parent who is left holding their heads if something goes wrong.

A mother who took to social media to share her experience recently was left angry when she noticed a strange man following her and her daughter. 

She was shopping with her daughter at a Walmart store in New York and after noticing the man, she began videoing him. 

In the video you can see the man leaning against a clothing rack and from the looks of it it does look like he is videoing them. 

Once he notices the mom taking her phone out and pointing it at him, he begins looking around. He behaves suspiciously and moves away. 

She is understandably angry and speaks with a worker at the store and shows them the video. 

Her concern is that he could just be a creepy man behaving strangely, but worse he could be a potential trafficker. 

So she takes this opportunity to share a message with others to always be aware of your surroundings. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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