We're all emotional over this couple's first dance video

We're all emotional over this couple's first dance video

Groomsmen helped a wheelchair-bound groom up for his first dance with his bride and we can't stop watching the video.

Groomsmen help groom with first dance
Groomsmen help groom with first dance/Screenshot/YouTube/Cute Poison
For most couples, the first dance as a married couple is usually the highlight of their wedding. But this particular video of a couple's first dance will be really hard for most of us to forget.

A groom who lost his ability to walk due to a motorcycle accident in 2014 got the chance to dance with his bride thanks to his groomsmen. In the viral video, the groom can be seen sitting in his wheelchair with the bride sitting on his lap before his groomsmen do the unexpected.

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As the music plays in the background, two of the best men, the groom's brother and father, came out of the crowd holding two chairs and velcro straps. Then the best part comes, the groomsmen strapped their legs to his with some velcro and helped him stand up so that he could dance with his bride on his wedding day. 

Watch the video below, but make sure you have some tissues close by:

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