What makes a good father? T-Bose talks about being a dad

What makes a good father? T-Bose talks about being a dad

Is there an unfair stigma with fathers in South Africa? How does an absent dad affect our mental health in the family unity? Should our dads also get paternity leave? Why is our father's presence at home so important? 

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In this week's episode, we are joined by veteran broadcaster, and now author, Thabo 'T-Bose' Mokwele, who shares his personal story as a father. 

How do we overcome generational stigmas? And what to do when parents are not around - or when our parents don't know how to express their love & affection with us? 

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Thabo's book 'Pause: Are you making the right choices?' is out now & available online and at all bookstores countrywide. 

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