What terminally ill children find important

What terminally ill children find important

A South African doctor asked his terminally ill patients what they believe is important, and their answers will surprise you. 

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Dr McAlpine is a palliative care physician currently working in Canada. He works with young terminally ill children between the ages of four and nine. His job is to make them as comfortable as possible in their remaining days. 

In a series of Twitter threads, the doctor outlined what his patients enjoyed the most about life and the answers surprised most of us.

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Ice cream, good relationships, and the beach came out tops. While going through the thread, you might find yourself in tears, so we suggest you have a tissue and some ice cream close by for comfort. 

TV was not missed...

The children loved their pets and found comfort in them.

They were worried about their parents.

Ice cream brings joy to everyone!

They enjoyed books and being told stories.

You really should care less about what people think of you. 

They all enjoyed being in the water, whether swimming or going to the beach.

We should all value kindness, it makes a huge difference. 

Laughter is good medicine, they all loved people who made them laugh.

They all valued time with their families. We should really prioritise time spent with loved ones. 

To sum it all up...

What do you value the most in your life right now?

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