Pretoria waitress receives large tip from family

Pretoria waitress receives large tip from family

This is why many people choose to stay in Mzansi - the people...

Waitress writing on white paper at a restaurant
Waitress writing on white paper at a restaurant/Pexels Website

There are several people in South Africa that have chosen to emigrate or are in the midst of doing so. 

And if we are honest, we cannot say that we blame them, but South Africa is home for us and we cannot imagine home anywhere else. 

This is why when we read people's stories on the #ImStaying Facebook group, it always leaves us feeling happy. 

One such story was recently shared by a woman by the name of Ndondo Ka'Babakhe Nogbeni. 

She is a waitress at a café and last Saturday she served a family of four.

Now we all know that not everyone is a good tipper... 

As much as you are meant to tip a minimum of 10% of the bill to your server, many people take the shortcut and sometimes leave less than the minimum. 

But this wasn't where this story was going, thankfully! 

Ndondo aka Caroline shared how the family of four were both friendly and patient. 

She went on to share that when they asked for the bill, the husband asked her how much tip would she like. She jokingly responded saying R500! 

Receipt for eating out at a restaurant
Receipt for eating out at a restaurant/Facebook Screenshot/@ImStaying

But to her surprise, the husband gave her the R500. She shared how happy and grateful she was. Especially because she really needed the money. 

She is attending driving lessons, and one lesson costs R250. With the grace and kindness of that family, she is now able to attend two lessons. 

Caroline praised the family and thanked them unconditionally. 


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Image Courtesy of Pexels Website

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