Woman shares her story in a 50-part series 'Who TF did I marry?'

Woman shares her story in a 50-part series 'Who TF did I marry?'

A woman by the name of Reesa Teesa has captured the internet with her gripping storytelling skills as she shares her marriage with her 'pathological liar of a husband'. 

A woman with rollers in her hair in the driver's seat
A woman with rollers in her hair in the driver's seat/TikTok Screenshot/@reesamteesa

A woman by the name of Reesa Teesa from Atlanta, Georgia, USA recently shared her life story on social media. 

In a total of 50 parts, she reveals how she married (in her opinion) a pathological liar. 

She refers to the United Nations of Red Flags and says that there were many red flags that she didn't take heed of in the moment, but only noticed these later on in their relationship. 

Meesa has gained millions of views since sharing her story on TikTok and her candid approach to what seems like her unsuccessful marriage seems to have captured people from all walks of life. 

By the end of part one of her series, it was evident that she fell hard for her ex-husband who told her everything she wanted to hear on their first date. 

The reason her story has gone viral is most likely because so many people have gone through similar experiences or perhaps it's because of the gripping details of her story and the web of lies that came after the courting.

It was crazy to see how many people were hooked on her video series.

Check out the full series of her story below, courtesy of YouTube:

Check out some of the comments from people who were grateful for her honesty. 

  • "How we doubt ourselves... in my 62 years the most important lesson I've learnt is .... ALWAYS listen to the little voice!!"
  • "Despite her missing the flags, no one deserves this... ever. Abuse comes in many forms and the most missed are emotional and financial."
  • "I commend this lady for being brave enough to tell her story. i thought this entire story was a great message to anyone (man or woman) dating. don't ignore red flags, ask questions, call out shady behavior or consistencies, and don't settle. being in a toxic relationship is ten times worse than just being single/alone."

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