Young girl losing her teeth to an apple

Young girl losing her teeth to an apple

When your kid's baby teeth come out in an apple...

A red apple with teeth inside it
A red apple with teeth inside it/TikTok Screenshot/@dumbwaystodie

We've heard of things like this happening and we have even seen it happen on the popular kids show, 'Bluey'. 

But seeing proof of it in a video is quite remarkable. 

From the painful process of growing teeth, kids have to let go of their baby teeth (deciduous teeth) as they grow. 

It feels so harsh that after growing these teeth they have to lose them, but it is part of the physiological part of growing up. Everyone goes through it. 

A kid is around six years old when they lose their primary teeth and just as growing teeth is a milestone moment, so is losing teeth. 

Watch what happened below with this kid who bit into an apple...

Courtesy of TikTok


Моя любимая дочк Anna Hayriye!

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We wonder if this means that the tooth fairy still visits...

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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