Dodgy toilet paper sale has South Africans in stitches

Dodgy toilet paper sale has South Africans in stitches

The coronavirus pandemic has everyone on edge, but some South Africans are still finding creative ways to have a laugh during these difficult times.

sanitiser street sale video
screenshot/Facebook/KingMafia Ngamla Chiliza

Just how expensive are the basics getting? Toilet paper and hand sanitizer prices seem to be going up and up since the increase in demand.

While a pack of 18 2ply rolls cost R89.99 a month ago, in some stores, that price has now jumped to R139.99! Hand sanitiser prices have also increased and stores are running short of supplies. 

A video showing what appears to be a very dodgy deal is being widely shared on social media - and it has us wondering if things are really that bad!

In the video, a woman can be seen driving down a deserted street to meet up with a stranger to make an important purchase. 

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As the woman approaches the man, she calls him to the car. The man pops his head through the passenger window and asks for a secret phrase. The woman tells him the phrase and hands over some money. Just after the woman hands over the loot, a tiny sanitizer gets handed to her as well as a roll of toilet paper. 

The creators of the video are Mike and Lara Combrinck from Cape Town. 

Watch the hilarious video below:

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