Victim survives attempted robbery and choking in JHB

Victim survives attempted robbery and choking in JHB

A man was almost choked by a robber in downtown Johannesburg but managed to set himself free.

Man robbed in Johannesburg
Screenshot/Facebook/Intelligence Bureau

If you've ever walked downtown, chances are you've seen something awful happen there. If not then you've probably seen the videos. 

A recent video of an incident in the Johannesburg CBD has surfaced and shows a man getting robbed but managing to fight the suspects off. 

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The method the robbers used is a famous technique where they choke the victim until they're unconscious then rob them of their belongings. This victim managed to wiggle himself free and walked away seemingly unharmed.

The suspects seem to work in a group and act swiftly as soon as they spot their to-be-victim. The crazy part is that this happens in the full view of the public. 

Watch the video below, but be warned, the content is not for sensitive viewers.

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